Using parametric EQ for non-RIAA mono EQ?

Dear all,
I am interested in exploring old mono LP.
Some suggested to get dedicated phono stage with options of various EQ (esp. pre-RIAA) for best results.

Has anybody tried using parametric equalizer as alternative instead of getting phono preamp with adjustable EQ? and what is your impression?

I saw a site which shows list of EQ setting for various non-RIAA labels (low freq roll off and high frequency attenuation) which might be useful as guidance for using parametric eq.

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice
Your best bet is the Technics 9010 unit, often available for about $200 on eBay. I have a couple of these which I used to equalize R2R tapes that were recorded for radio station broadcasting. Buy one, try it and if it doesn't work for you it can be re-sold for little loss but the shipping cost.