Using Oppo as DAC?

Dumb questions from analog dinosaur. The girls gave me my first Ipod and I'm considering bringing my semi-vintage mid-fi system into the 21st Century by combining it with currently separate TV-DVD system and Ipods (mine and theirs).

I was wondering if I could use the Oppo 83se or not-yet-out 95 to serve as a DAC for Ipod played through either a Wadia 171 or that Onkyo ND1 that does the same thing. From reading about this stuff, I am presuming yes but I don't see that option discussed much and I freely admit to digital ignorance beyond simple CD and DVD players.

My current system consists of an Aragon 8008St amp, a Rogue Metis Magnum preamp, Rega P1 turntable, Arcam 8 tuner and a Sony SCD-CE595, which is cheap but decent multidisc SACD player, and Thiel CS-1 speakers.

I am squeezed for space in my cabinet and system (the Metis has only three RCA inputs, plus the phono, so I was hoping to use the Oppo for double duty as universal player/Ipod DAC and play TV through Thiels. From the reviews, I'm guessing Oppo would sound as good or better than my Sony for two-channel music.

I see a couple of advantages if this works. A: Don't have to shell out for a separate DAC. B: The Oppo apparently could give me some future wireless options for TV/Music. C. I'd have inputs open to leave Sony SCD hooked up for the convenience of multi-disc play.

Not married to Oppo at all. If there is another Blu-Ray that offers good audio quality (particularly cheaper) that would serve the same purpose, I'm open to any advice.. Thanks for any guidance
The Oppo blu-ray players have digital outputs, not digital inputs, so you can't use them as a DAC. There are quite a few CD players that offer digital inputs to allow someone to utilize their on-board DACs with other sources, but I'm not aware of a blu-ray player that offers digital inputs to use as a DAC.
or you can buy an expensive Oppo from MSB and Ayre for many times the price to have a dac....
Ah, so much for my plan then .... It would seem an obvious option, given the effort to maximize the utility of a universal player, no?
The Oppos have USB inputs but they are moderately restrictive in what they will accept.