Using Oppo 205 instead of per amp processor

Anyone using their Oppo 205 as a pre amp processor? if so, what are the pros and cons? I am looking into replacing my NAD 758 receiver with separates for my HT and secondary system. I'm thinking i can save myself some money by purchasing the Oppo instead of a pre amp processor but, not sure if the Oppo was designed to be used like that without issue. I know the Oppo doesn't have room correction and was told by magnolia, the volume control is fixed only no variable? Unfortunately, no dealers in my area have one on display to audition. Any feed back is much appreciated. My current set up: Primaluna HP integrated, Sony HAP1ZES, Cambridge BD 752 player, Klispch Heresy 111 70th anniversary edition speakers, cables Tellurium Q ultra black SC and jumpers, FMS microwave IC's, and a Wadi 171i transport that i use with my iphone/ipad.


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I do use the 5.1 HT capabilities of the 205. I also like to listen to 2 channel music so this is a great combo for such use. I did get the Modwright mods to the 2 channel section so I end up turning on music for a little while and the sound is so good I forget to watch TV. No preamp needed, I go direct to the amp, the 205 does it all. 
@noble100 , that’s exactly how I’m running my 205 and works great. The 2 channel using XLRs direct to amp is very good.