Using one set of speakers with AV receiver and Lamp amplifier

I have NAD T778 setup for my home theater with Vienna Acoustics bookshelf speakers. I want to buy two floorstanding B&W 803 speakers and mid range two channel tube amplifier. Can I switch floorstanding speakers from tube amplifier to NAD and vice versa if I use secondary posts on the B&W speakers. Thank you in advance. 


What is a lamp amplifier? Your question doesn’t make much sense. Can you elaborate 

You can but something is going to fry. Your amp will be feeding your loudspeakers and your amp. Not designed to do that. 

It may work. What happens if you are listening to your tube amp,and you accidentally sit on the HT receiver remote and power it up?? I’m not a tech,but I’m guessing this would not end well.  Why take the chance?