Using old McIntosh amp MC2200 in bi-amping??

Hello all ...

Coming up to speed on the electronic concepts in play with hi-end audio. Particularly choking on speaker load / amp impedance dynamics. Curious what an old McIntosh MC2200 (circa '79) does for the woofer end when bi-amping B&W Nautilus 804's. I see where this amp has separate positive speaker terminals for 1, 2, 4, and 8 ohm's. Guessing I would use 8 ohm terminal into the 804 woofers, but wanted to run that past you all before doing so. Is that the right choice? Is amp not suited? Will speakers explode? etc.


You probably want to use the 4 Ohm tap or less. Woofers in general have the lowest impedance in a speaker and draw a lot of current . This is why an SS amp for the bass is usually used.
SS amp?
Oh, solid state. Duh!