Using Near Field active pro audio monitors for HT?

I was wanting to put together a set of active studio monitors for a home theater. My question is will this work considering that the studio monitors I am going with (Roland DS90A) are near field? Would say the B&W N805 be considered near field because of its size? Thanks
I use mackie hr824 (active)in my combo 2 channel/HT system. They are great, after having owned SEVERAL high-end speakers. My sitting location is 7-8 feet from speaker which would be considered mid field. Depends on how close you will be, size of room. blah blah, blah. My guess is N805 would be fine 6-12 feet from your seat.
Try KRK V8's from Guitar Center - a national chain. They are less harsh than Mackie, if that matters. They use Kevlar driver like B&W. The KRK is better than Alesis and JBL that I have heard.
But if you want really good sound then ATC active 10 or 20's are the best.
The reason I'm going to go with the Roland DS 90A's is I already have a pair. So I would only need two more pairs. I really like the way they sound. But I'm just using them now for near field (2-3 feet) mixdown and mastering. That's why I was curious about them working for HT. Man if I could affor the ATC I would of already had them. One Day:)

Thanks for the help.