Using my McIntosh MX-114 as a tuner only with my MA-6200

I would like to connect my MX-114 tuner output into my MA-6200. How would I do this? Which output on the MX-114 would I use for the tuner input on my MA6200? I would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Jim Walton
Columbus, Ga.
you might read the owners manual of your mx114 if you have one!!
Thanks for your response, unfortunately the manual does not cover this situation.
From a sonic standpoint the best way is most likely connecting the tape outputs (left & right) of the MX-114 to the tuner inputs (left and right) of the MA-6200.

It would also be possible to connect the main outputs of the MX-114 to the tuner inputs of the MA-6200, but that would insert a lot of unnecessary circuitry into the signal path, including the volume control, balance control, and tone controls of the MX-114.

-- Al