using my computer as a music server

Please I am new to todays audio world. I began my interest in home stero in the late seventies, and left for the last 25 years. Were have i been! smiles. My how the audio world has changed! I am starting out fresh as a new blade of grass, still the same root.
I am also in the market for a new computer. Therin is my question. I assume it has already been asked, and discussed for years. What do i need to know, and were do I need to go to determine the current "state" of the use of a computer as a replacement for other forms of transport, such as CD? Can a good sound card actually reproduce the quility of a high end CD transport?
The answer to your question is yes, a music server or other computer source can match or beat a good transport. Suggest you search the forums, do some reading @ and then check back here w specific questions.
There have been some articles in some of the recent issues of British hifi mags, such as HiFi Choice and HiFi plus.
In general, it is easier to do this with Macs than with Windows .
A "sound card" will never beat a good transport, however there are a miriad of computer interfaces, both stand-alone and integrated into DACs that will beat CD transports, and even vinyl. The important aspect is the jitter of the master clocks. Dont rely on specs either. There is a lot of marketing BS out there.

Look for good USB DACs (asynchronous) or USB converters. By good, I mean the customer feedbacks are raving about them.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio