Using my Adcom amp and preamp

Determined there just isn't a room arrangement in my new condo (13x23 with entrances on three walls) that allows use of the Maggies I had wanted.

So, let's go at this another way. Assuming I will use my Adcom GFA-555 and matching preamp and have sufficient CD players as input, there are a bewildering array of used speakers listed for sale here. Using two different price cutoffs of $500 and $1000 per pair, which speakers in the for sale listings here would your recommend. Also, new speakers at retail, if that makes any sense.

Listening tastes are female vocalists, a Capella, 60s rock and roll, and folk music.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I used the ADCOM 545 amp and GTP 500II tuner/ preamp for over a dozen years. I used a few different speakers at the time, but enjoyed the amp most with EPOS 11 speakers. We listen to a lot of the same music types.

There are some good deals out there for new speakers either on sale or being discontinued. I would look at the following:

EPOS EPIC 2 at $400

Wharfedale Denton at $500

Ascend Acoustics Sierra Monitors 1 at $838