Using Musical Fidelity A3 integrated as preamp?

I have a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp and now want to get a McIntosh MC-275 or MC-2102 tube amp. The MF has a preamp output. Can I use the MF integrated as a preamp only with the new Mac amp? What is the function of the volume control on the MF when using it as a preamp only?
So you have the version of the MF A3 that has the preamp out, as not all versions of the A3 did. Yes, you can use the MF as a preamp only, PREAMP OUT (MF) would connect to the PREAMP IN/ Unbalanced Inputs (Mac). Volume control on the MF would control the gain/volume.

I had an A3 myself and used it as a preamp for a little while. I wasn't too impressed with the preamp section. It will hold you over for a while, but I suspect that you will want something better.
ss preamp & tube amp? not for this tuber..never the twain shall meet this way imo, however, tube pre and ss amp?...there you will have some fun...
Never understood the SS preamp/ tube amp pairing dislike. Have been using a Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 with a Prima Luna PL5 tube amp for 7 years now and have had zero desire to change the set-up. Very sweet sounding. Opera Platea floor standers complete the set-up.

Rich, I'm sure you sound is doing it for you; as it should. Me? I sometimes don't know what I'm missing until I hear/exposed (can be a serendipitous experience) to what I'm missing. Sometime it takes a major leap in faith from an auiophool who knows my ear (for me) to make an untested/auditioned change. ALWAYS has brough me to a more enjoyable listening experience. Go figure