Using modern cartridges on a vintage turntable

I have a vintage system (Yamaha 2010 inegrated amp, Advent Legacy II speakers, recently acquired Garrard Zero-100 turntable) with a couple of more modern digital compondents (Pioneer Elite PDR-99 CD recorder/player, Theta Cobalt 307 DAC). I need to replace the cheap CN5625AL cartridge on the turntable with a better cartridge, but I'm not sure whatthe table can deal with. It's adjustable for conical or elliptical stylii, and for tracking from 1-3 gm, but is there any point to installing a cartridge with a nude stylus (A-T ML 440) or should I stick with a elliptical stylus?
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I would try on that table either the Ortofon X-5MC, or the lower numbers. If you look you should be able to pick this cartridge up for about 100-120 street price new. On the site like Lyle, and Vinyl Doc, they are listed at 350.

So hunt, and this should be fine, it has a high output so should work well for you.

I'd use a medium to high compliance cartridge on that table, due to the fact that it was made for the Shure V15 and similar cartridges of its day. Don't spend more on the cartridge than you did on the turntable.
Get a Shure V15 or the less expensive M97. It should be a great match for your system. still has the best info.