Using McCormack amp with Vandersteen II

Anyone using McCormack amplification with Vandersteens and can comment on the matchup? i am thinking about buying a Mccormack amp in the used market and wondered how it well it would sound. Are there any similiar priced amps with better synergy for use with the vandersteens? Thanks for all your comments in advance.
Yes, I use the McCormack RLD-1/DNA-125 on Vandersteen 2CE sigs. I very much like this combination and perhaps you will to.

Ditto. Very good combination. My rec would be a DNA 0.5 and a 2W or 2WQ sub.I've used both the 0.5 and the 1.0 w Vandys. the 0.5 is a better amp and w the extra bass load carried by the sub, has plenty of drive for the Model 2.
I run a McCormack DNA-125 revision Gold, ALD-1 Revision Gold+, and although I have never tried a Vandersteen (I have Tyler Acoustics Decade D1's), I have had several people mention to me that "oh, Vandersteen sounds great with McCormack". Either this is a huge urban myth, or there is some good synergy there. The local Vandersteen dealer brought in McCormack for that very reason as well. FWIW.

Happy hunting!
I use an extensively modified McC DNA-1 with my 3A Signatures. A great match! The nice thing is, you could buy a McC amp now and have SMc Audio perform their magic on it at a later date.

Any stimulus money out there for audiophile upgrades?
I occasionally rotate a McCormack DNA-1 amp into my system to give my ARC M100 monoblocks and an ARC VT100 mkiii a break. The rest of my main system consists of an ARC SP-11 preamp, a Linn LP-12 TT, an Arcam FMJ CD33 and Vandersteen 3A speakers. While I really enjoy running the ARC tube amps and the warmth and liquidity of that setup, the McCormack amp works very well in my system and on this last rotation (it had been awhile since I last used the DNA-1), I was a little surprised at the greater level of detail that the system revealed.
This thread is several years old, but I offer the following for what it's worth. I use a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe Rev B with Vandersteen 1b's. They are well matched and sound great together, particularly in the highs, mids and upper to mid bass. This combination doesn't have a lot of very deep bass, but this appears to be attributable to the speakers rather than the amplifier. This is no surprise, since the 1b's are entry-level Vandersteens. I consider this an acceptable tradeoff given the high quality of the sound they produce in the range they cover. Higher model Vandersteens, starting with the Vandersteen 2, reportedly produce more deep bass.
02pete- If you like what you have (and I liked the Vandy/SMc DNA 0.5 v much when I had it) but want some more bass, you can not do better than adding the 2WQ to the mix. Start w a single and then go stereo. Highly recommended. They integrate so well, you can't even tell that they are on, until you turn them off.