Using Mark Levinson No.39 as a preamp

I've heard differing answers when asking if I can route the audio from a DVD player through the digital inputs on the back of my Mark Levinson No.39. Currently all I have is my No.39 into an amp and out to the speakers.

I'm looking into buying a TV and DVD player and probably a sat dish as well. I want to know if I can take the digital audio out from a DVD player (and a sat dish) and put it through the digital audio input at the back of the Levinson.

Some say yes, some no and some say only if the DVD player can be set to output 24 bit 2 channel PCM audio (whatever that means).

Has anyone had experience using the digital inputs on the back of a Levinson No.39 or 390s from a DVD player or satellite dish?

All feedback appreciated.

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The ML player contains a 2-channel DAC (digital to analog converter) which decodes PCM (pulse code modulation) signals. Most DVD-Players and cable/satellite Set-top boxes output multi-channel, Dolby Digital signals. Generally, you can go into a DVD players setup and force it to output PCM (stereo) instead of multi-channel Dolby Digital 5.1. However, your TV set-top box may be a different story. The last 2 cable boxes I've owned don't seem to have a setup/configuration that allows changing the digital output to 2-channel/stereo PCM.

So, the answer is "Maybe". Sorry I can't give you a firm yes/no, but you will have to determine if your DVD player an cable/satellite STB will output 2-channel/stereo PCM via the digital output.