Using luxman DA-250 as a preamp.

Hi all, I just purchased a McIntosh mc152 power amp and an looking for a preamp with dac to pair with it. I will be using only a streaming device, a cd transport, and possibly a tv optical out as sources. Looking for opinions on using the Luxman DA-250 not only as the DAC but the preamp as well. It has good noise numbers and a class A preamp output. DA-250 output impedance=600 ohms, mc152 input impedance=22 kohms. Is there any downside?


Yeah it looks like Luxman included a nice analog line attenuator so that it could be used in exactly this manner.  One word of caution given to those connecting DAC to amp is to check if the volume is controlled in the digital domain.  This approach is cheaper but doesn’t yield as good of a result because you can lose some fidelity and raise the noise floor.

I would consider DAC to amp if I wasn’t happy with my integrated.

Mcintosh makes a digital preamp/DAC D150 that would match your MC152.