Using Linn With Other Brands

My current system is a Linn Classik driving Dyna Contour 1.1s. I'm thinking of adding an amp through the Classik's pre-outs to give the Dynas more juice. (The Classik is 75 watts @ 4ohms.) I don't want to be limited to only Linn, but I've heard so much about the Linn synergy and how it doesn't mate well with other equipment that I'm hesitant to try another brand. Are my fears justified or will Linn sound good with other gear?
Thanks in advance.
I used to have a Linn LK1/LK2 pre/power combo, and now use a Kairn pre with a Rogue 88 power amp. To my admittedly non-golden ears, Linn equipment can sound fine with other makes--you don't get the pure Linn sound, but depending on your tastes, that can be desirable.

Does anyone out there know if there are technical reasons not to mix Linn with non-Linn?
A Linn employee once told me this: Linn electronics are designed to reproduce a specific "sound" (bouncy, a bit on the bright side, musical, bass rythm -- a bit heavy on lower-mids & bottom), NOT to be the clearest, most analytical, most revealing. One Linn piece covers up for the other so the result is better than the sum of the parts.
So, partnering Linn electronics with other equipment designed with such considerations does not bring the best out of Linn -- i.e. the "Linn sound" as Jconder notes.

I don't know the technical side of things. This said, Linn source equipment (Lp12, CD12, etc) does work well with most other brands. So did my Kairn -- with a S-Line amp. Liking the sound is personal matter. So, do try combinations before you buy!
Good luck!
hi exley,

as i mentioned in your query to me re: my electrocompaniet f/s, i used a linn kairn for 4 years w/electrocompaniet amps, to good effect. i tink the linn *synergy* is marketing hype, to try & entice ewe into an all-linn system. not wery wise, imho, if it discourages a linn sale to someone who doesn't want the all-linn thing. :>) i also heard a linn karik/numeric cd-system in an otherwise non-linn system, & it was excellent, for cd-sound.

my linn experience wasn't as gregm describes - the system was *very* detailed, revealing, & neutral. what it was lacking, imho, was soundstage depth, tho height & width were excellent. from others familiar w/linn, i understand this lack of soundstage depth mite be part of the price ewe pay for that linn "prat" - pace, rhythm and timing. this lack of depth is what stimulated my foray into tube preamps. i tried rogue, cary & melos. they *all* smoked the linn in depth, the rogue99 was the most coloured, & had no bass-response in my system; the cary slp98 was a nice all-'round performer, the melos music-director would hold its own w/the finest preamps extant, imho. musikdok, on this site, also replaced a kairn w/a melos pre, & he had the same before/after impressions as i did. but, i dunno what amps he's using....

hope this helps, doug s.

Doug hit the nail on the proverbial head regarding Linn plc's marketing hype. Just want to specify that in my previous post, I'm quoting the Linn chap; whereas Doug is relating personal experience -- a much more valuable guide in your quest, IMO. You can also note the equipment Doug mentions and relate to (compare & contrast with) other brands, too...
Hi Exley

I've used Linn equipment for the last 12 years, originally a Linn Sondek in combination with Naim Pre/Power amps and then with Linn Pre/power amps. I've also used a Meridian CD/DAC front-end with my Linn pre-power amps, and then a Karik/Numerik with a Kairn & 2 Klouts. In all cases I've managed to get really enjoyable musicality. I have a marginal preference for a full Linn system, but my advice would be to take your Classik into your dealer (with your Dyna's if possible) and ask them to set it up in a listening room with a combination of power amps.
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