using large box dvd/cd/player as base for small tube amp

I need to consolidate units to save space. I have a Pioneer Elite for cd's, it is a large box. I want to put my
Sophie Baby on the top back area. I was going to use a piece of plywood the size of the cd player and then
the amp. Is this a reasonable idea or could it create a problem?
thanks for any ideas.

You would be better off with a computer monitor stand like the one in the attached link.

There are many types out there.  


If there are any vents on top of the CDP, you can’t put a board on top of it.
With that said, components shouldn’t be directly stacked on top of each other due to vibration and interference, especially a tube amp. Components need to be isolated; the transformer in the CDP may cause interference with the electronics in the tube amp.

The way to approach this is to use isolation footers or risers and place a board on top of them. So, you will have created a platform on top of the CDP. Then the amp would sit upon the board with it’s own isolation footers. Luckily you have a small, lightweight amp.
Don’t use plywood, you need a hard wood such as maple, pine, bamboo, etc. The wood needs to be able to tolerate the resonances coming thru the footers from the amp.

And this platform should be reasonably heavy, and the footers able to stay in place. You don’t want the amp to slide of fall off. And this will only work if your Pioneer is large and heavy.
IMO, this a solution, but not an optimal way of dealing with space limitations.
Lowrider57 is very correct.  In fact I got schooled when I placed my pieces on a Quadraspire Sunoko Vent stand and everything....and I do mean everything got way better.  I was running a Target stand thinking all is good.  Not!!  Vibration control is a dark art my friend.

Look for a desktop shelf for your dimensions. It would be the most stable.
"Lowrider57 is very correct." That happens a lot around here. Cheers,

Thanks for all the ideas. I found a "monitor stand" that should work well.