Using Krell rca & bal outputs for the same channel

Why would I do that?
My sub has a highpass filter above 65hz. The dedicated sub channel can have info above that. So how can I get the missing freqs above 65hz. I can get a second sub but I’d rather not.
Since Krell’s RCA & balanced outputs are active at the same time, I can send the sub channel to another speaker using a Y cable to get the missing info. I’m thinking if I must use a Y cable and overtax a speaker with sub info, I’d send it to a rear speaker.
Does anyone know if using both outputs will affect the sound? The manual says that both outputs are active but to connect using only one. Will there be impedance issues? I also have an Audyssey EQ between the PrePro and the amp, so I would use the Y cable from sub and one of the rear to the EQ’s rear channel which will turn the analog signal into digital for EQing and back to analog for the amp.
Whatever your trying to do seems a bit insane and completely convoluted. What does the subs cutoff have to do with your main speakers/rear? Sounds very radio shackish to me...maybe a Bose all in one setup would be best for you? Your not bleeding your mains off of the sub are you via speaker cables? Sub crossovers are mostly scrap so don't destroy your signal...use pre out for sub or a dedicated sub out!
What does the subs cutoff have to do with your main speakers/rear?
My main goal is to get my missing freqs between 66 - 125hz.

Dolby Digital's specs allow for freqs up to 125hz in the dedicated LFE channel. If my sub cuts off freqs between 66 and 125hz, I will never get that information.
If I send the sub signal to another speaker I will get my missing freqs. I'm just trying to figure out how to send the LFE to another channel so I can get the missing freqs.
I doubt they're missing, aren't they coming through your main speakers? You would certainly notice that big a gap in frequencies in any musical content. Just because there is an upper cutoff for the LFE channel doesn't mean that the output to the main LR channels has a low cutoff at that frequency.

This, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt, as I have an HT system, but don't really know how it works as a technical matter. But I hear plenty of lower frequency info from my main speakers on movies.
Rcprince has it correct. Remember, a subwoofer is just that...a SUB woofer i.e..below normal bass frequencies.
In music this is not an issue. The lfe does not get information above the crossover. My system crossover is 60hz.
However, if my processor doesn't create the LFE output like in music and if the LFE comes from an independent source other then existing channels then all bets are off. No 2+ channel PrePro in existence applies crossovers to the dedicated LFE channel.

In other words: Crossovers do not apply to the .1 channel.

If that is the case, then my sub gets the entire LFE channel. But my sub nitpicks on LFE freqs. This issue applies to any source that has a dedicated LFE.

Anyway, I am researching if Dolby and DTS mirrors the LFE in other channels. Since other channels also go down to 3hz, it would make sense that they would use LFE just for effects even though it is the other channels.
But I will be limited if someone has info in the LFE and no where else.
In my system, which is two channel, I use the RCA outs from my preamp to the sub. The sub's low pass filter is set at 50Hz. I use the balanced outs for my main speakers and they run full range. This works very well and there is no crossover to muck up the sound of my mains.
I did the exact same thing as Rwwear but had no preamp. The XLR outputs of the cdp were sent directly to the power amp while the rca outputs went to the sub. Both cdp outputs are variable so no preamp is needed. It was not difficult to get the sub adjusted to mate with the monitors using this configuration. You should have no problem going this route from the Krell preamp. Both the sub and the speakers are fed the full frequency spectrum with the sub crossover and level controls adjusted for a satisfactory blend.
I use the balanced outs for my main speakers and they run full range. This works very well and there is no crossover to muck up the sound of my mains.
I am concerned about 2 issues:
1) To send my mains full bass because
a) Wearing and overtaxing my cones with low freqs, my Cremonas Mains go down to 32Hz.
b) Usins a Y cable in the audio chain for my mains. (I must use the Y because of my EQ that sits between the PrePro and the amps)
2) My EQ prefers a crossover and has alot of software dedicated to working with the crossover. I don't want to sacrifice the EQ's crossover optimization for my mains.

Based on the above preferences, I could simply use a rear speaker. Since in Dolby and DTS soundtracks, the rear speakers are used around 5% of the time. So it will be like I have 2 subs. Although it just occurred to me that I should use a Y cable going out as well. Since the EQ will be testing the LFE channel.
I think I'm just going to get a new Sub. It big time sucks Sonus Faber put a crossover in it. Who the heck would want a crossover in a sub when it won’t be compatible with all the audio formats? It's a $4,500 sub.
It matches my other Cremonas. I’m emotionally attached to it as well. It’s the only component I actually nick named. I call it “Big Mama.” This thing is huge.
But if it isn’t compatible I don’t see that I have a choice.
I spent years with placement & many cables getting the sound just right with Big Mama.
I am so upset. I wasted years of my life and much emotion on it. Now I see how divorced people must feel.

Anyway, I was just saying that if I must mix the sub into another channel (To get the missing freqs between 66-120hz), I want to take the path of least resistance. So since I don’t want to mess with mains that only leaves the rear speakers. Also, since this is only a problem with movies and not music, I wont be messing with my music system if put the LFE channel from DTS and Dolby into the rears.

But this just sounds so crazy. If I wasn’t emotionally attached, I would just get a normal sub. I should have researched what the dials on the sub meant. I had no idea what a “Low Pass Filter “ Meant.
Doesn't your sub have LFE inputs? They bypass the xover.
Sumiko told me that there is no way to bypass the x-over when I Emailed them.
Do you think there is a way to bypass? I would be forever in your debt.
On page 3 of the manual it describes the connections.
The subwoofer can receive low level signal (Preamplifier or processor level) through the RCA sockets and high level signals (speaker level) through the XLR connector.

I use Fig C on page 6. The RCA from the PrePro LFE to one of the low level RCA connections. The two RCA connections say "Line In" next to it.
After looking at the manual I would use the rca line level (preamp) outputs from the Krell in to the sub and the XLR (balanced) output from the krell in to the amp for your main speakers. This will send full signal to both sub and speakers. Not at all sure why you're concerned about sending full signal to your speakers.
Once you are hooked up you will need to listen to the system to get the sub gain and crossover adjusted. Agai, not sure why you want to bypass the sub's crossover, it's there for a purpose. It may take some time but it's possible to get good, balanced sound this way. Good luck.
Don't forget I have an EQ sitting between PrePro & Amp.

I just found there are subs with master/slave relationships.
I found one anyway. The fathoms' slave outputs are balanced. So when my EQ sends bass and tests for it both subs will fire. I just have to find out if the fathoms' Slave output can work with any sub? Or maybe if there are subs with slave relationships?