Using KEF- KUBE with 107/2 Speakers

KEF recommends the use of its KUBE to get the full benefit of the 107/2 speakers. Does it have to be the KEF KUBE specifically, or will any equalizer do? I have an SAE 2800 three band equalizer I'd like to use instead, because it gives me more control. Should I use the SAE only, the KEF KUBE only, the KEF KUBE plus the SAE, or go with none? I'll be using a Parasound JC-2 preamp.
I suspect the most likely correct answer is go with none. I have a pair of bi-wired 104/2s that seem to have ample low end; I believe the 107/2s have even more. I cross over at 80 Hz to a Velodyne HGS-15 for very low frequencies such as pedal notes from a pipe organ and the LFE of films, but even without the sub the 104/2s are very satisfying. I do have a KUBE, but have never used it.

You really need the KEF KUBE. It is more than just a low bass booster - it affects midrange slightly as well and is specific to the 107 series. See or