Using JL Audio Esub with Merlin VSM

Looking to add a sub or two to Merlin/fila/Oppo 105 combo. Does anyone have experience using different input choices on sub....if so....what were pros/cons.
-high level speaker inputs with BAM in path
-high level speaker input without BAM
-line level using sub x over
-sub out from source/ my case sub out from Oppo 2.1 application

 My room is somewhat small....maybe 15 x 12 x 9h

Surely someone has some valuable experience with JL?....
I would call JL Audio and talk to Barry Ober.
@mcpherson , I have a pair of E110’s and yes, Barry at JL Audio is the guy to talk to and he is very enthusiastic. He will tell you to use the line level inputs using the excellent crossover built into the subs.

I’m using the line level inputs with good results although This is not their recommended way to do it. I plan on trying the line level inputs when I get some longer IC cables.

in your set up, what is your source to sub? Are you forced to use the sub as second volume control? JL does recommend using line level vs high level input. That would allow to use either Oppo or JL's crossover....using Oppo crossover would eliminate BAM...and probably still force me to use two volume controls.
SO....I would favor high level input so I could control all volume from Amp. 
mcperhson we just sold a similar setup to a previous Merlin VSM guy the JL Audio E sub will work perfectly you can get a signal from the integrated amplifier by paralleling the speaker level inputs.

The JL E112 is very fast and blends well and has exceptional punch.

Please contact us for more details.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I have 2 E112s in my system. They are between my preamp and amp using the internal high pass cross over. You will want to use the JL’s internal crossover as it does a very good job. You will have to set each volume on the sub during setup though. However this could be a good thing if your room is not symmetrical.  

You can can turn the crossover off (using the same input) but it is a full pass through with no filter. You could then use a different crossover but you would still need to use the volume control of the subs. I guess you could set them and use the external crossover control’s volume line a pre amp but that just seems like added junk in the system to muck up the sound. 
I recently hooked up 1 E10 using Oppo sub out & crossover. 
I used test cd and instructions from Barry O. As suggested in this thread.
-crawl around method 
-set distance on sub speaker placement to sure up timing
-dialed in phase deg. By inverting main speaker to reach NULL
on constant frequency.
 VERY  different from sound of high level speaker input method. I tried speaker input just as a starting point. Much louder But somewhat muddy.
My only issue is that I don’t notice much if any difference in crossover setting of Oppo. Not sure if that is normal?
just thought I would give an update on JL sub and my experience hooking it up. 
I don’t have ic,s long enough to try using JL crossover but I would think there may be a timing issue going that route.