Using iPod dock for Pandora Radio

I recently purchased an iPod dock for my system because it seemed like a simple and direct way to have a wide range of background music available for those times when I was not "actively" listening. It's also a good way to discover musicians and genres that one might otherwise be unfamiliar.

What I initially discovered was that the quality was not so good but, for me, it didn't work out that badly because a lot of the missing info was at the high mid to high frequencies and I am very sensitive to certain frequencies in this range. So, even though the quality is not there, the listenability was seemingly warm and relaxing.

I'm certainly not recommending Pandora as a pathway to hi fi but it isn't totally unacceptable either. I know that many members reading this are probably more familiar with Pandora than I and have already formed their own opinions but, for those who haven't tried it, I think you should. I mostly listen to the Michael Hedges channel and am making my judgement on that "genre" only.