using ipod as source and very low output

Hello, I just bought an ipod and connected it to my primaluna one valve amp and experiencing very low output. The cd that I was listening loudly at 9oclock position with a cdplayer is giving the half volume even if the amps volume is way past 12oclock position. Also it is very very dull.
I am using the headphone output and using the highest volume. This is my first ipod and I feel the max volume is way too low even listening with headphones. What may be the problem? a faulty ipod? wrong setup?
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Which output are you using? The Headphone out or the output through the dock? I used my 40G through the Dock out put into my amp and it is fine. It is lower than my CDP output but no where near as low as you are describing.

Try using the dock's output fed into your preamp, that should allow for more volume thru your home system. As for low output into headphones, you have to make sure your headphones are a good match for the output impedance of the iPod.

I have a Rio Karma MP3 player and it drives my home system quite satisfactorily when using the dock's output. In addition, I find that my Sennheiser 580s don't achieve very high volume (but still okay) when using the headphone output, but my Shure E2Cs can really blast at the same volume setting.

Get rid of the cheesy earbuds that Apple provides and try some Shures or Etymotics instead. Go to for much more detailed info...

thank you guys for the info. I'll buy the dock tomorrow and see if my primaluna and ipod can be friends. for the headphones, can you just give me a reasonably priced model(shures maybe)? like about 100-150$. and one last question. what do you use for "mini-jack x 2 RCA" connection for connecting ipod to pre-amp. I saw a Kimber Tonik mini x 2 RCA for about 40 pounds. Do you have any other audiophile ideas for the connection?

thank you so much again.
You are welcome. I use the Audience iPod cable. Check out

Good Luck,

I plugged my iPod into my system using the iPod dock's mini plug output and a SignalCable mini plug to RCA (Eichmann Bullet Plug) cable. The sound is very disappointing, to say the least. Low output. Low fidelity. Low satisfaction. I was hoping to use the iPod as a jukebox, but this isn't cutting it. I don't plan to spend $165 on a Naim power supply. I'm more than happy using my vintage 1991 Sony CD changer.

Anyone else have success integrating their iPod into their main system?

Do you have the volume on the iPod turned all the way up? Is the music on the iPod encoded using the Apple lossless encoder?
I'll check the volume on the iPod...that's a good idea. All my music is encoded with Apple Lossless.

Update: 5/1/05...I have the volume turned up all the way on the iPod. A minor improvement in sound through the system, but still low volume. It's good enough to serve as background music, and that'll do for now. Still, I'd like to know what Wilson Audio used for their set-up when they demo'ed their Watt Puppy 7 loudspeakers with the iPod as a source.