Using internal processing from Blu ray player

I just picked up a Pioneer Blu Ray player model BDP 51FD and installed the latest firware. My HT receiver is a older NAD T762 and have it hooked up to use the internal DACS in the Pioneer. I am little confused as to what i am hearing or not hearing, not sure if i am hearing the player,s processing or if it is the receiver. If i am watching a movie encoded with DTS Master HD, my receiver will display DTS which is a little confusing. Does this sound right? Comments appreciated.
So, you are using the analog outputs of the Pioneer in order to "use the internal DACS in the Pioneer?" If so, the NAD should only display multichannel.

Now, I suspect you are bypassing the Pioneer's DACs and using coax or optical. If so, you cannot get the HD MA signal.

Thanks for your response. I have it hooked up using the analog Pioneer's output to the NAD external inputs. I did not disconnect the coax digital out from the Pioneer to the NAD digital input. I wll disconnect the coax and try that. Again thanks.

Have you turned off "Secondary Audio" on the player? If it is on, the player will not output any of the HD track material.