Using integrated as headphne amp: tape in or aux?


My preamp (a Naim) has no headphone jack (of course). Currently I have no dedicated headphone amplifier. So I am using one or another of my spare integrateds with headphone, via the tape out of the preamp. If I plug in to the tape-in of my Revox integrated, the gain is incredibly high, and I have less than the range from 0 to 1 on the volume pot at my disposal. If I plug in to the auxilliary input, the gain is fine. However, wouldn't the tape-in meddle less with the signal from my preamp? I want as much as possible to listen to teh Naim pre and not the integrated. There's also a -20db switch on the integrated, but again, that surely fiddles with signal. Thoughts?
Couple of things - as a practical matter its a moot point whether or not you use the tape or aux input, you really can't use the tape in for whatever reason. Your only pratical recourse is to use the aux input which would be the same as any other input on the unit (except the tape). In veiw of the compromises you are already making I wouldn't be too anal about the results. Enjoy what you've got until you get a dedicated headphone amp whcih should be a huge improvement for you.

I suspect the -20db circuit yopu mentioned appears before the amplifying stage of the pre-amp is intended more as a quick volume reducer, similar to a mute circuit but not as severe, that folks would engage to enable them to talk, answer the phone etc, leaving on some background low level sound. It would probably not be my first choice as a way to reduce the volume when you use the tape in. But, you have at hand the means to evaluate the differences in the various ways. Just pick which sound best to you.
It could be that the tape-in on the Revox has an extra gain stage to amplify the low output of tape heads in tape decks without a preamp output. Going through an extra gain stage should make the sound worse (though much louder). So I'd probably use the AUX in as Newbee suggested.
Good point, Plato. Might be tape head in.
Thanks guys. Makes sense to me. Glad the way that it will work is the way that likely sounds best too!