using hokey pucks for isolating speakers from the

I have a pair of gershmann RX 20,s and I would like to isolate them from the wood floor .
I was thinking if using hockey pucks as isolation device . They are thick very hard and very cheap.

I am however is not an acustics expert so I would like to know if anybody tried that method or have any opinions on a theoretical basis.

Any input is appreciated
Thats what I use under my 100+ lb speakers over a well built suspended hard wood floor and they work quite well. FWIW I don't buy into the theory regarding vibration draining as it might apply to speakers and I find that with heavy speakers they are as well coupled (yet isolated) with hockey pucks as any other materiel. I don't like soft rubber as you might get speaker movement from airborne vibrations from the speakers' bass drivers, and I subjectively feel that coupling with cones can facilitate the passing of vibrations from the floor into the speaker causing movement of the box, or perhaps even increasing an extant resonance in the speaker box itself. JMHO.
Just try it for yourself and compare it with other products on the market, then make your own call. Different people have different requirement and different value system and different hearing capability.

Many people tend to find just one article that support their idea and will think that is the bible.
If you are in Canada, I wouldn't recommend it.
you got that right Tarsando.we need all the pucks at the rink!!!! Pat from you know where.
Tarsando-great one!
"Many people tend to find just one article that support their idea and will think that is the bible"

If you are suggesting using the bible under your speakers instead of hockey pucks, I'd like to know the science behind this suggestion. Granted the bible is thick and probably well damped but I don't think it has a prayer of outperforming a hockey puck and besides, the notion of utilizing thousands of years of accumulated wisdom for the purpose of supporting speakers is offensive to me but maybe I'm just being overly sensitive.
I use the following under my Hales Rev 3s with excellent reults. First four hokey pucks then a 12" x 12" cement stepping stone from home depot (painted black) then my hales with the spikes. Now I admit my floor is a slab (most all are here in Texas), but my bass tightened up and I just like the sound better. And the good news the whole thing; pucks, paint, cement cost less than $20. I love hockey pucke and use them under components, between components in my bedroom and office systems. Hey and they're cheap
is there an internet site for online pucks?
Here in Europe Hockey is not so popular!
Hockey pucks are better than bowling or soccer balls!

Believe me - they are more stable. Squash balls however can give pucks a run for their money...anyone have experience with curling stones or running shoes?
Very entertaining....thanks for the humor! Some people here are just too serious, so its nice to hear from the Abby-normal ones! I had not thought of using the bible to support my speakers, just my opinions.
Shadorne, I tried footballs, but they didn't work so well...
Seriously, anything that you put there will affect the sound in some way. You may like it, or you may not.

If you use some kind of product like hockey pucks, which are not engineered or designed for the purpose you use them for in audio systems, there is no telling what kind of results you might get. Could be great, could be terrible.

Many folks would likely recommend the use of items that are made to do what you are trying to do. Alot of the result will also be system dependent, and listener taste dependent.

Local damping and vibrational energy transfer are the two main schools of thought in this area. Look into both, and see what you think might be best for you.
What the puck?LOL..How about the difference in wood used?Say mertle vs. maple?
Take a look at Herbie's Big Fat Black Dots, down the page a bit here. I haven't tried them but they look promising and not too pricey. He has other sizes, also.
Three of Herbie's Big Fat Black Dots are supporting each of my tall and heavy speakers although four would avoid any chance of tipping if speakers were to be bumped into.
Clear, natural, and extended range performance by transmission line bass and ribbon tweeter design is the best ever with these modestly priced Dots. It's very well worth the slightly greater cost compared to hockey pucks
They are sold with 90 day return policy which should allow adequate time to hear for yourself if wonderful in your system.