Using high powered amp at low volumes power

On my extreme near field desk based system (3 feet from the speakers) I've had a recurring problem of not getting enough "Attack" from the system, it seems too laid back. I am using a 400 watt amp, but since I am sitting so close to the speakers, the volume dial is very low. Would this have anything to do with the amount of attack the system seems to produce. I've been through a few amps, all hybrid amps, and they all seem to have similar results.

Specific setup:
Gallo Strada
Peachtree Grand Integrated Amp

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If you are running a high power amp at low power levels you will have a problem where the distortion and noise floor of the amplifier is actually higher than you may have expected. Nearly all high power push-pull amps, whether tube or solid state, exhibit this problem.

This can cause the resulting sound to seem somewhat indistinct, unresolved. The solution is to use an amp with less output power or a set of speakers that are less efficient. Since you are so close to the speakers its likely the former rather than the latter.