using high end speakers wit integrated recievers

Is it possible/advisable to power (and appreciate) speakers such as the B&W 800 series line with an integrated amp, such as the Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH?

What are the drawbacks?
Arch2 - the new Taurus appears to be quite and upgrade over the previous generation... especially once you move up to the SHO line, it's basically a muscle car for folks in their 40's.
The SHO is a muscle car for someone in their 60's.

Straight line = good
Not so straight line = not so good
panic stop = panic stop (frighteningly bad brakes)

Big on the outside and little on the inside (how did they do that?)

My son and I went to look at one and after a (short) test drive left laughing at how arguably America's best new car builder could have missed the mark so bad.
Thanks for the SHO car evaluation "Snofun3". I think there is a Car and Driver forum somewhere to post for those interested. I have read lately that some Toyota's speed up or don't stop at all when you don't want them to, and even brought in NASA to help. Now let's get back to integrated recievers and audio.