Using external crossvover enclosure for amp stand?

Greetings - this idea has been knockin around the brain for a bit, so thought I'd better seek some "sound" advice. I need to replace the tweeters in my Hales T-8s due to damage beyond my control, so while searching some past threads, I've become interested in the idea of upgrading the crossovers as well. Caveat - should this prove to adversely affect the sound of the Hales, I would prefer having the capability to return to stock condition.

I run Clayton monos which are approx. 9.5 X 18.5 in., and for which I've been wanting some type of amp stand to get them off the floor.So the idea is to have custom stands built (basically 2 rectangular boxes) w/ removable tops, so that access to the interior would provide space for the new crossovers. So, for the technically inclined, could this pose a problem of say either electrical (emf?) interference from amp to crossover, or mechanical, regarding micro vibrations being transferred. If so, could there be any solutions employed, such as some type of shielding and/or composite top. I have no idea how big the crossover boards need to be, but maybe both ends of the box could be sectioned off and filled w/ lead shot for ballast.

So that I'm clear on this - could the stock crossovers simply be bypassed inside the speakers, taking the driver leads to the speaker jacks, and then connecting w/ a jumper cable to the external crossover output jacks?

One final question - would anybody care to suggest a good wire to use for the point to point paths on the boards, without breaking the bank?

Thanks alot for any and all help - and please don't hesitate to shoot this down if the idea is based on some misconceptions.

A belated Happy New Year,
Are you proposing to move the x-vers BEFORE the amps?? If so, you'll need to change the whole set-up (and you'll need more amps/channel).
If you're thinking of simply pulling the existing x-over out of the spkr box -- no problem, as long as you keep the x-over away from magnetic fields (coils, magnets, etc).
Quality (copper) enameled magnet wire is good for connecting drivers to x-over; you'll twist the wires of course... Cheers & HNY!
Hi Gregm - thank you, sir, for your suggestions. So that this is clear to anyone else who may have an idea, the thought was to simply build new boards identical in design to the originals, but using upgraded parts, and housing them in the amp "stands". The boards inside the speakers would be disconnected but left intact, should the need arise to use them again at a later date.The new boards would still be "between" the amps output and the drivers.

Would it be overkill to line the inside of the "boxes" with some sort of sheet metal, say lead or copper, in order to ward off electrical interferences? The system's current physical setup has the monos sitting within 6 in. of each speaker - could the new layout significantly affect interactions between amps and crossovers?

Your suggestion of twisting the wire pairs together is interesting. Is there a preferred formula (turns/inch), should I choose a Fibonacci ratio, or just put one end in the vice, the other in the drill, and hit the trigger (he-heh).

Thanks again...

Tom -- it's a *good* idea to use copper sheet for the x-over.
As to twising, I average ~1" & run the wire away from the magnets. Cheers
Thanks again, Greg - I appreciate your help.
Take care, and have a great '05...