Using Digital Active Crossovers

I am considering designing and building some 3-way speakers for my music setup. In doing my research I have been reading about the Digital Active Crossovers and their benefits as opposed to designing and tweaking a passive crossover. Is anyone using such a device and can anyone recommend brands/models that are good for home stereo. I am currently playing flac files w/JRiver, Emotiva Dac, Emotiva amp and B&W n803 speaks. Thank you.
Some options

Software based: Pure Music, JRiver, Audiolens
Component: DBX, Deqx, Mini DSP

I have owned DBX and Deqx products in the past. Moving to a tri-amped configuration using Pure Music in a few months. Just waiting on the next release of the Mac Mini. Have not decided on choice of room correction software just yet.
Older thread, but wanted to update, I have just ordered a Mini DSP, I will be removing my MTM's Crossover and biamping. I Have a very good usb mic and plan on using the Mini DSP to it potential...Crossover/Room EQ etc. If there is interest, I'll follow up.
I don't even have it yet and I've got some work to do, so, it will most likely be a few to several weeks.
I'd like to know how this all worked out.  Earlier this year, I did a significant XO/wires/posts upgrade to my speakers and the improvement in SQ is insanely good.

But, I hear electronic/active XO's are even better.