using different optical modules with SOtM switch

Why did my SOtM 10G switch fail when I changes the 1G optical modules to 10G? It worked for 3 days, huge improvement.  Then it quit and would not work with the 1G.  Sent unit for service.  Nothing wrong.  Unit back in system works fine, but using 1G modules.  Shop tech said unit cannot accommodate 10G modules.  


The internal switch fabric simply cannot support the requirements of the 10gig signalling. That it worked for awhile before failing is a good indication that your switch simply did the best it could until it likely thermally shut down. That's OK since there is no audio signal in existence that uses even 1% of the max throughput of a 1 gig connection which is somewhere around 70% of the 1 gig signalling rate, or 700 Mbits/sec. At 10 gig, everything happens 10X faster, requiring tighter timing tolerances and using more power thus generating more heat. For reference, a CD bitstream of 16 bits X 44.1 KHz is 705.6 KHz, 24 bit X 192KHz = 4.6 Mbits/sec, and 32 bit X 384KHz = 12.8Mbits/sec. 

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