Using Conrad Johnson MV60 or MV60s as mono amps

I am getting a C-J MV60 for my system, based on their great reputation. I have not used a tube amp before. Preamp is Modwright swl9.0se and speakers are ProAc Response 3s. My concern is whether the MV60 is up to driving the ProAcs adequately, esp bass response. I'd appreciate thoughts on that, as well as the idea of converting the amp to the MV60se version ($450 by the C-J factory) or on an even grander level, getting an additional MV60(se) amp and using them as a pair of monos (mono conversion is free if you do the se conversion above, $150 otherwise).
Or I could get more efficient speakers that sound as beautiful as the ProAcs, whatever they may be?
All ideas are welcome since I am pretty new to these matters.
Does it raise the power output to go mono?
From what I have read, it about doubles power per channel.
G, paralleling the channels of a tubed* stereo poweramp creates a single channel with exactly the combined power into half the individually rated impedance. IOW, if you leave an MV60's output transformers' taps wired for 4 Ohms as they are at the factory and combine the channels, you have an amp capable of driving 110 Watts into 2 Ohms instead of the stereo amp's ability to drive 55 Watts into 4 Ohms per channel. ANY tubed amp does this; you merely wire the outputs in parallel--plus to plus and common to common--and drive the 2 inputs with identical signals. The easiest way to achieve the latter is with an inexpensive 1-female-to-2-males RCA adapter available at RadShak. Paralleling the channels effectively doubles the damping factor, too.

However, this is a quite-expensive way to get 2 110-Watt monoamps (or 50-Watt triode monoamps)...for about $7K. I'd be much more inclined to buy a pair of, say, ASL Hurricanes that'll give you 200 Watts per chassis in ultra(non)linear or 120 Watts in triode for $5K. I sure love the sound of my pair of 'Canes. Perhaps you should listen to both before committing your money.

* happens to SS amps, too.