Using CD player with outboard DAC

I have a CD player (Lexicon RT-20) and an outboard AC (Wyred4Sound DAC2).  I am using the Remedy Reclocker as well (works well with the Sonos). The Sonos workswell, though I have not been able to get the CD player working.  I am using JPS Ultraconductor 2 digital coaxial from the Lexicon S/PDIF to the ReClocker (I've tried direct to the DAC as well).  I have an S/PDIF connecting from the ReClocker to the DAC2.  Not been able to get any signal... am I missing something? Is the JPS unidirectional with digital?
I would guess there is separate switch on the Lexicon to enable the digital output.  All of my old Sony's are thus equipped.
To activate the digital coax-out on my Toshiba player, it is necessary to switch it on via the on-screen menu with the remote control. Perhaps, your Lexicon has similar functionality.   It’s always a good idea to reverse the direction of a cable to hear if there’s a difference in SQ.
I used the RT-20 as a transport without issue, no set up was required. Maybe the reclocker is needing something...
try the RT20 direct to the DAC for starters
Try different coaxial cable too. Sometimes male RCA connector does not mate well with female RCA connector.
Tried the toslink. Also no go. Might just toss the rca’s back on and call it a day. Still a good cd player. Thanks for the help nonetheless.
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