Using Brillianize remove Static

I have been having problems with static discharge every time I remove a record from the turntable. I have a Zero-Stat gun, and anti-static brush but they don't solve this problem for me (My experience). I came across a product called: Brillianize, and it seems to do the trick when I tried it on my VPI Classic. I sprayed some Brillianize on the aluminum platter, then wipe it dry. I then play a few records and notice that there was no more static when I change records. I don't know how good Brillianize is as a record cleaner, because I did not spray it on the record. I also called the company to ask about Brillianize and I was told that they know of people using it to clean records, but I did not take that as an endorsement. If anyone is using Brillianize as a cleaner please let us know your experience with it.
I've been using it sucessfully on CDs and DVD for a couple of years --- never even thought about using on vinyl. Unless buffed out vigorously with a high quality microfiber cloth it will leave a "smokey" haze on the silver disks. I can't imagine getting all of this out of the grooves of an LP. Reminds me a bit of "Groove Glide" which I used to resort to on REALLY noisy records. I have a general aversion to putting anything on a record that STAYS on the record.

If you give it a try please give us a report.
Brillianize is commonly used in the copier industry, and that is where I first encountered it. Years ago, I tried it in a homebrew record cleaning solution, and it worked very well. My mix per gallon is:

Four parts water (Aquafine works well.)
One part Regency grade alcohol.
A few drops of Triton X-114 surfactant.(or X-100)
An ounce of Brillianize.

Please bear in mind that my mix is intended for an RCM that vacuums off the overwhelming bulk of the solution. And, it is followed by a rinse. The reason I mention that is because I don't know what happens, if a lot of Brillianize gets on your stylus. The stuff does some amount of contain silicone, after all. Static is less without noticing the presence of Brillianize. It may even be beneficial to the stylus because it may have components in common with Last. A chemist would need to verify that because I don't really know.

Whatever the case, it has worked well for me.
I have used the cheap anti-static household spray that is for clothing and surfaces. I rarely use a turntable but I use the spray on cable. It does improve sound quality. Mostly, though, I try to keep the house hydrated well enough with a humidifier so that I don't need the anti-static spray. When the cats get shocks from being petted, I turn up the fan on the humidifier.
Is your turntable properly grounded?
If you're not against it on moral grounds, Gruv Glide really eliminates static charge. I can't say it improves or hurts the sound, but it licks the static problem. If you live in a dry climate, it makes playing records much easier. I find that one application lasts a very long time. There will be some gunk on the stylus for the first play, but after that, everything is cool. Good luck.