Using big spades on a barrier block.

I just bought a pair of Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables for my Kilpschorns and want to know if there is an adapter that I can buy to connect the cables to the barrier block on the speaker end?

The Cardas spade is pretty big and i'm hoping there's a way to connect the cables without cutting off the spades and just using the bare wire to connect to the barrier block.

The barrier block has a #6 screw from what I can gather.

Any advice would be great.

I had the same opportunity on my Vandersteens, you dont need to cut the spade completely off trim off one side and it will fit into the barrier block. Maybee that is why they call it a barrier?
Hi Kenscollick,
Thanks for your response.
Yeah I was thinking I could file them down to fit into the barrier block.
I will try that this weekend and hopefully it will be the solution.
I guess you're right in regards to the barrier block being named that due to the restriction it has on what size spade you can use.
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When I had VAndys I found that the plastic "ears" that projected upward were slightly flexible and with gentle pressure on the spade, I could compress it slightly and then there was enough "give" on the plastic to get spades in. Unfortunately, if you have the larger Cardas spades, I doubt you will be able to do that.
Before removing the spades you should be aware that each strand of wire has an enamel coating that will prevent contact with the terminal block. Simply stripping back the wire jacket won't work. The coating has to be removed, not an easy task.
Thanks for your input guys.

Looks like I'll be having some fun, or not with this over the weekend and hopefully I can figure it out.