Using bi-wired speaker cable on speaker with single post

Has anybody tried using speaker cable that is single wired at the amp and bi-wired
at the single wired speaker ?
Did you hear any negative effects ?
Compared to....what, exactly???
What are the terminations? If spades no issue, bananas you may have to re-terminate one lead or both to spades. But as far as sound, no you won't know the difference because the speaker is designed for one connection.
Thank You twoleftears
I wasn't sure if there would be an negative effect of seperating
( bi-wire termination ) and then connecting togther again at the post .

theo Thanks
they are spades , if other I would have to spend $ for re-termination
thus no problem .

They are used cables at less than 1/2 the price of ordering new ones .

Yes, I did this with spades on both and then ultimately switched to spade on one pair and bananas on the other to make the hook up cleaner and avoid stress on the cable. Same reason as yours, picked up $6000-$7000 cables for well under a grand.