Using B&W 802n's as Rears w/B&W 800n's as Mains???

Just obtained some fantastic B&W 800n's. I currently have the 802n's as my mains and plan on moving them to the rear. Any thoughts on this? Am I simply wasting the 802's? Each speaker will have its own Bryston mono amp. Would I be better off getting some B&W 805s for the rears and either selling the 802s or setting up another system keeping them as mains? Any advice from you knowledgeable audiogoners would be appreciated.
definitly overkill for rears
Yep, I'd sell the 802s and use 805s for the rear. With the money left over you could get an 805 for the center. THAT would be one GREAT sounding surround system, IMHO...

I have used that setup for my system, and it rocks, I used the Nautilus HTM1 center and nautilus ASW subwoofer, I have never heard U571 sound as good as it did when I had used that setup. I am using a Sunfire surround amp for home cinema duties.

Get 804's for years (not larger footprint) and get good Velodyne,Martin Logan (very fast-I like them ,Vandersteen's
REL,more than large slow subs-all use multipil faster drivers) without going nuts because of how much rear low level content.You's save bucks and have more crunch asJet swooshes by.Wish you had mentioned electornics that are mated.Bryston epscially used ST series with long warranty are great value.Maybe use one of their two way+sub x-overs in back.But now with 7.1 sets ups etc you could feed center rear into sub instead of full range speaker Though if you wanted you could easily order single 805/804).
Keep the N802s for rear channels. No reason not to, if you have the room and cash
Thanks for the feedback. I just set up the 800n's as fronts, 802n's as rears with a Krell Res 2 center, and a Meridian sub (I am getting a HTM1 center and a Velodyne DD-18 sub). The sound is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! I am in heaven.