Using Anthem AVM30 With Turntable

I would like to get back into 2 channel again and was hoping to achieve this by adding some updated equipment to my Anthem AVM30 processor. My speakers for HT are a 5.1 Genelec system with XLR connections. My understanding is this equipment is not the best basis for a 2 channel system. Could I use a phono stage hooked up to the processor in bypass mode and simply route the signal to the speakers. If so can I get a few recommndations for a suitable phono stage and turn table set up in the $2K range which might perform well with these speakers. I have no preference between solid state, or tube equipment.
Well I can't really help much with equipment but what I do is use a pre amp with a ht bypass. My vinyl goes to a phono stage to the pre and out to the speakers. when I watch ht I select ht bypass and my d2v runs things.

You could Also get a phono pre with a volume control and go right to your speakers but you would have to swap cables when going back and forth to ht.
Thanks for the response; that is precisely what I invisioned, but was wanting some confirmation as to this line of thinking.
If you like the sound of your current system with the AVM-30 and your Genelecs, why bother to go to much trouble, just add an outboard phono stage through one of the spare inputs you have and just enjoy it in 2-channel mode? I really enjoy the sonics of my AVM-30, and see no need to change anything wether I am listening to multi-channel or just 2-channel music. Enjoy! Tim