using amps as monos and integrated amp as preamp

Is it possible to use two Krell KAV250's as mono blocs and a Krell integrated amp as the pre-amp?
From what I understand, one wouldn't have a single mechanism to control both amps simultaneously.
Why do I ask ? Mainly for cost purposes.
Each 250 is about $1300-1500 and a 300i is about $1000-1200.
I would think this would create some beautiful sound with Maggie 2.5's at a very reasonable cost.
Any thoughts ?
That should work, but as I recall the 300i doesn't have balanced preamp outputs. The KAV250a is a very capable amp and the preamp section of the 300i is probably quite good. I owned the 300i for a few years and a buddy had the KAV250a driving Martin Logan SL3. I'd seriously consider using a Jensen output transformer to convert the unbalanced preamp outs to balanced; it'll cost you about $200 (or you might persuade me to sell mine since I'm not using it any longer).