Using Almarro 205a MKII to drive Quad 57s?

Has anyone done it? Or had any experience driving 57's at equivalently low wattage?
The 57s can be driven by very low power, my friend uses an amp that puts out less than 10 watts. The stability of the amp is the important thing as the impedance goes under one ohm.
Thanks for the response. Is there any way I can determine the amp stability at sub one ohm?

On a similar note, I went to the California Audio Show today and listened to the latest Quads on the market, being driven by an absurd 100w CAT amp. I wasn't all that impressed though that's not to say quads aren't great. Just didn't like this particular set up (at all) and the music they were playing was tedious. One of the residents of the Quad room explained that Quads (across the line/over the years) are easy to drive (he does with an Air Tight ATC1 which he didn't bring). 30 watts vs 5 watts is a lot however.

All that being said, I spent the end of my day listening to a pair of King Sound electrostats which were simply nuts. If I had the cash I'd seriously consider a pair. Best speakers at the show (for me).

Back to the topic, I love my Almarro and would love if it could drive some Quad and thus am tempted to give driving the 57's (which I don't own at the moment) a shot. I'll report back if I do.
You would have to ask the manufacture, but since it has an output transformer I would think it would be all right. My friend uses a rebuilt Heath tube amp that I think has 8 watts. I was a Quad dealer for years and used several amps besides Quads on them, most of which are long gone from the market; the 63s do not have as low an impedance as the 57s and are easier to use but many prefer the 57s.
Thanks again.