Using AES/EBU Digital XLR for analog connection?

I have a Tara Labs AES/EBU cable that I am thinking of using for a balanced analog cable. Any thoughts on this?
Never tried it, but don't see why it won't work. Post your results.
You need two unless you want a single channel.
My Pass X0.2 preamp is a 3 chassis unit. Power supply and controls are in one chassis and the left and right audio channels are each in a seperate chassis. You need a single XLR cable to provide an audio link between the two audio chassis if you want to use the switchable mono option.

I didn't want to waste a stereo interconnect on this and I had a spare Tara digital XLR cable on hand. It works just fine.

A digital cable is designed to handle frequencies much higher than the audio range with constant imprdance and will have no trouble with audio frequencies.
you may find that digital cables are tilted toward those transmission freq's and are a bit thin or shrill. They often have better shielding for the digital transmission. So it will work ubt may not please you sonically as an analog cable.
Good luck.
Thanks for the replys. I was thinking of using it at the balanced input of a subwoofer.
Check w/ Tara Labs. I don't think it's the right impedance for analog signal transmission.
You can't hurt anything by trying it. If you like the sound, no need for more research.
i have talked to tara labs about the same thing they said it dont matter..ive done it alot.i have the tara labs the one ism on my cary 306/300 as analog now and have used same cable on my dac ,,if you like the sound keep it on there