Using a two channel pre-amp with a HT processor.

I sure this has been asked already but here we go again. I am tring to get better sound quality out of my system and would like to add a high-end two channel, possibly a tube pre-amp to my HT system for music listening. I know that ARC LS-16 and 25 are set up for this as are other units but can't I just use any pre-amp and just run the front channel out-put from the processor to the tape in-put on the two channel pre-amp?
Thanks Mark
Mark - You should be able to do what you're suggesting with any two channel preamp as long as you're willing to find a pre-set volume level on the preamp that "passes through" the signal at in balance with the channels fed directly by the processor at the volume you're playing back the movies. Several 2-channel preamps come with "Theater Passthru", which is basically an input channel that is unaffected by the volume control of the preamp - you would have to simulate this effect for any 2-channel preamp that does not support this mode. -Kirk
I believe some of the Conrad Johnson Premier Tube Preamps have HT processor pass-through.
Mark- if you run a search on the forums you will find several discussions of this issue.
I had the ARC LS-16, and used it exactly as you described with excellent results. It allowed me to run a fully balanced circuit from the CDP (Sim Audio Eclipse) through to the fully balanced amp (Theta Dreadnaught), then simply flip the switch on the remote to 'Processor' for HT operation. I have since switched to a separate room for 2-channel, therefore the setup has changed and the LS-16 is gone, however if I was still all in one room, it would have stayed. Good luck- I think you are on the right path...
you can use any preamp, true but... if you don't choose a model with a unity gain input (which bypasses the volume control) you will be subjecting your front left & right channels when viewing/listening to home theater to one more level of circuits to pass through. Since its only a problem for home theater and NOT when listening to stereo with your preamp, you may not be that concerned. My favorite stereo preamp with unity gain and also with balanced connections (XLR) for this is the Audio Research LS25MkII. (Much more affordable than the Ref 2). There are many more models to choose from if you want to go single ended. Conrad-Johnson makes some.
I use a Mark Levinson 380S with Unity gain and it is espcially made to have it incorporated in a Hometheatre, works amazingly well..Can you say best of both worlds !?

Hi Mark, I use a Sonic Frontiers line one which has a surround sound pass through, it works excellent!!! This allows me to use a reasonably priced reciever with pre outs for the from channels. The Sonic is a superb preamp and can be found fairly cheap on the net. Good Luck!
C-J PV-14L, Premier 17LS, Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2, and 3,
Adcom GFP-750, all preamps above have HT. pass-through switch.