Using a splitter to connect DAC output to 2 different systems

I currently have a PS Audio Directstream DAC which I want to connect as an input to both my BHK Preamp and also to a receiver that is used for another room. 


I've used balanced cables to the good system and single ended to the receiver which worked fine. It appears that the balanced cables have failed so I'm looking at either buying a good quality replacement balanced set or using a splitter and buying a good quality single ended. If I go single ended, the cables set would be different as the existing single ended are 20+ years old.

Is there +/- 's to either configuration or suggestions for splitters?


I think you want to stick with the balanced connections since they should reject noise better.

Avoid splitters. The preference these days is XLR. While you may or not be able to hear the difference XLR / no adapter is the safest choice and future oriented.