Using a regulated power supply with a Pro ject Pre Box S2

I have searched about an hour for any comments( discussion) on the Pre Box S2 owners that may have experimented with different ways to "power" this unit. I just ordered one ( open box 320.00 ) it was a good deal. I remember seeing some comments months ago about hobbyist using "regulated power supplies" to power a usb powered dac. Anything from a cell phone charger, to a bigger heavier table top RPS. I saw today that iFi makes one for 50.00 that is supposed to be WAY better than a cell phone charger. Before I go in that direction, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has tried anything else and the results they got. I know a RPS on Ebay can be had for under 100.00 even 50.00.

I'll be feeding the S2 Tidal Streaming, the Co-Ax output from my Onkyo CD player. I have a Schiit WRYD that is between the Laptop and the S2 ( USB cables ). I have a Linn LK 140 power amp and will use the S2 as a pre amp too. Replacing an old Proton 1100 Pre amp that is amazing for it's vintage. On this subject, I've had a Schiit Saga, a few passive units,etc. I looking for good things from the S2. 

I appreciate comments and direction.   Otto
Based on Stereophiles measurements of this DAC, I highly doubt you'll get any worthwhile improvement from a linear power supply, nothing that's audible anyhow. 

A cell-phone charger is essentially the same thing as the wall-wart that comes with it.

I have a far more expensive DAC with a linear power supply and the Pre Box S2 is still better. It's a true giant killer, even with its wall-wart ps. No need to tweak it.