Using a ProCinema 800 With A Different Subwoofer

I have a 5.1 Definitive Technology ProCinema 800 5.1 system, and the subwoofer has been wrecked in an accident. I've only recently become aware of the existence of "timbre matching" speakers and I'd like to know if my options to replace the subwoofer should be either 1. The exact same subwoofer. 2. Only a subwoofer made by Definitive Technology of relatively the same age (i.e. a Supercube) 3. I shouldn't worry about it and can get another subwoofer from a different manufacturer.

I have run across the opportunity to pick up a REL Strata III for a good price and this is specifically what I would get IF I didn't need to worry about timbre matching. Thanks for reading and any replies.