Using a MC Cartridge With A McIntosh Preamp?

Greetings All!

Where I Am: Mac 2255 power amp, Classe CP35 preamp, VPI Classic 1 turntable, Dynavector 10X5 MC cartridge.

Where I Want To Go: Swap out the Classe preamp for a MAC C42 preamp. No other changes.

My Question: Is anybody using a MC cartridge with a MAC preamp? I'm told MAC preamps are designed only for MM cartridges, but reliable sources insure me that with a 2.5Mv cartridge output, the MAC C42 should work fine with the Dynavector 10X5 (I don't have the wherewithall to buy the C42 AND a MM cartridge).

Can you share your real world experience with me? Any issues with a MAC preamp and a MC cartridge?

Thanks in advance!
The biggest difference between MC and MM cartridges and phono preamps is power output. The 10x5 is a high output MC. That makes it a little different. A typical MC phono pre will have too much gain for it. You will need to use a MM phono pre with it otherwise it will have too much gain and distort. The brand really doesn't matter.
Your 2.5 MV cartridge is considered a high output MC and is designed to work in your MM phono stage. So yes, it should be fine.
Thanks for the responses...after getting the C42, it works just fine with the MC cartridge. So Markpao, you were right (as were several of my offline consultations) and Zd542, not so much. There is absolutely no need for a MM phono pre to make this particular setup work.