Using a DSP and DAC

My speakers ( Legacy Audio Whispers) use a Xilica XP DSP as the crossover, its the last thing in line before the amps.
I use a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC as the preamp, I have been wanting to upgrade to a better DAC.

So, heres my question, because the Xilica converts the analog to digital for processing and then back to analog,
is all "stuff" the DAC does for sound basically changed by the DSP, making a better DAC a waste of money?

or does the Xilica do its thing without changing the analog signal it gets from the DAC?

Thanks for your thoughts

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thank you both for yor reply and advice

I have talked with legacy about the wavelet, but my issue with it is, the end user has no way to adjust the crossover or parametric eq points.
the unit has to be sent back to legacy to be changed, if they ever make it so I could adjust those settings myself, I would buy it. 

Legacy is the one that suggested the xilica, actually just bought it about 2 months ago. They had me to bypass the low end passive crossover and use the xilica for the crossover, to boost the signal by 6db and correct some off the whispers low end response, but just for the low end, because that area of the speaker rolls off so much.

 if I only had the 40hz to 200hz range run thru the xilica for the low end, the rest of the speaker doe not have to run thru the xilica, 

so would the 200hz and up be worth a better DAC?

thanks for your time