using a back-up ups for front end of system

anybody out there ever tried using an APC computer batteryback-up ups for their digital components and preamp and if so with what results?
An UPS for the Audio system?

Never heard of anyone doing that. I guess so when your power is out and you get bored you could use it to keep listening to music?

why not get a rack of Gel-Cells and a backup generator too?

I cant imaging an UPS would last for very long. maybe 30 minuits tops?

rremember, your stereo uses alot more power than your PC, it will probably drain the UPS in a very short time
Most UPS type devices are filthy creatures when it comes to generating AC. They are meant as a means to temporarily operate a computer system so that it any data can be properly stored and the system shut down without losing anything. When used for their intended purposes, they work fine. Other than that, they should be nowhere near an audio system. Sean
Sean, I meant using it only to run cd transport, dac, and preamp. I get alot of drop outs and interruptions and with my system playing, the transients created from these irregularities is scary. By the way, I am the one who posted awhile back about the humm emitting behind my rack with everything in the racks disconnected from themselves and the wall socket and all the circuit breakers in the panel off, including the 100 amp main breaker. The only thing I can come up with is that I live by a small municipal airport and maybe it is the transponders? Thanx, Jeff
Mooncrikit, I live in a neighborhood where at least twice a month the power blinks off/on. It plays havoc with all our digital devices. This is a particular problem since I use a Mac computer as the sole digital source component in the stereo system and I'm particularly concerned about the repeated shut downs leading to hard disk failures. My solution is to use an APC UPS only on the computer and the firewire hard drives. The DAC and amps are all plugged in to PS Audio Powerplants. The Powerplants don't prevent the equipment from shutting down, but they do seem to prevent the power surges from getting to the hifi equipment and they also prevent the equipment from turning back on when the power comes back up. I haven't noticed any decrease in sound quality since I installed the UPS. A used 300 series Powerplant go for around $600-700; the UPS cost less than $100.