Using a 3A fuse in place of a 3.15A fuse?

Hi guys,
A while back I purchased a few ISOCLEAN fuses for my amp and CD player. After installing them I noticed some improvments in my system, some extension in the bass and in the highs, focus and imaging improved. However, I noticed the midrange became a bit harsh and the system became fatiguing. I switched the direction of the fuse and it improved but it was still fatiguing.

My amp calls for a 3.15A fuse and the fuse I installed was a 3A amp fuse. Would that .15A make a difference?

Has anyone else had a similar experience or maybe experience with other fuses?
No, a .05% change in amperage rating wouldn't make any difference at all, in any way. You might try Hi-Fi Tuning's fuses(the original gold caps). They brought out some nice(what I call), "organics" in my system. The Furutechs may have excited a fatiguing brightness in your CDP's output. Have you tried removing it from that piece?
If you're interested, I have a HiFi Tuning Silver Star 3A fuse sitting in the closet that I had when I auditioned the Pass XA30.5 amp for three weeks.

I don't need it, my Spectron Musician III uses a 10A fuse, so I'm willing to sell it.

BOY- Talk about a couple(math and reading) faux pas! Make that 5% OR .05X change in amperage, and ISOCLEAN, not Furutech. Still- shouldn't make any audible difference. I probably shouldn't post while broiling steaks.
As long as you are going DOWN in rating you can always use a different value; it will just blow a little quicker.
Dropped some of my post, I meant to add that I also can't see how the difference in value could affect the sound. I haven't tried changing fuses, a friend uses magnets instead and says it is a considerable improvement; of course there is no protection so not for the faint hearted [ of whom I am one].
I have to correct my other post, Pass told me to get a 4A fuse just to be safe.

I know that a lot of people like the Isoclean fuse, I used it myself for a while.

I've since tried the PS Audio copper fuse, the HiFi Tuning gold and silver fuse, and the Furutech fuse.

They're really not that expensive looking at the prices that you've paid for your other audio related gear, so it might be worth your time to buy one of each and just see for yourself which one you like the best.

They remind me of the Oyaide outlets, the R1, GX and XXX, each have a slightly different sound.

Remember too that your system and your listening preference is not like anyone else, so it needs to be you who ultimately picks the one that you like the best.

“Would that .15A make a difference?”

This is audio. It appears everything has an effect one way or the other.