Using 2 pair of speaker cables for single hookup ?

Get a pair of Cardas Hexlink 8' pair and a pair of Audioquest Slate 12' pair, If I use both pair to hook up one pair of speaker, in a single wire hook-up format (non bi-wire, non bi-amp) is there any advantage to do this ??
Stick with the pair that you think sound best,sell the other pair.
No advantage that I can think of. I agree with Sogood51, keep the ones you like best and sell the other pair.
You need to make sure you're speaker cables are all exactly the same length, or you will throw it way out of phase. The only affect having, say, 2 pairs of 8' speaker cables like that is a miniscule increase in efficiency of the power transfer thru. Also, you always want to keep your speaker cables as short as possible.
Why don't you try it, if it sounds better, then I would say that is a definite advantage.

The time that it takes a signal to travel down these cables is a fraction of a microsecond so I don't think you need to worry about phase shifts.
To answer your question, the only advantage might be a reduction in impedance. I don't recommend it, unless you are using identical cables the speakers will probably be recieving a "smeared" signal.