Using 2 of Centers as Bookshelf Speakers.

I'm using a brand new (less than 10-hr) center Focal Chorus 800v ($400) for my 5.1 home theater, and it seems to have the body and warmness that I like. I'm curious what would it be if I purchase another one and use both as my front bookshelf/monitor for 2-ch listening?
Center speakers are strongly concentrated on voices & mids, so will they be very well wking together to get great soundstage, image, and disappearance?
Any1 done or gone this route please chime in.
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I think some people refer to them a LCR (Left Center Right) speakers and I had a salesman tell me that they can work great in some situations. The low frequency point listed on Focal's website indicates they are only 3Hz higher than the 806v bookshelf model. It might be worth a try. I thought the retail price was a bit higher than $400?

By the way, they are pretty big speakers, I have the 836v speakers and considered getting a matching center, but couldn't figure out a place to put it.
It is rarely a good idea to use two speakers for a center channel. There will inevitably be comb-filtering interference.

I thought the retail price was a bit higher than $400?
Retail was $600, but the dealer gave me a deal since I bought a pair of floorstanding Chorus 826v from him.

It is rarely a good idea to use two speakers for a center channel.
I'm just gathering thoughts. I've heard this pair of JM Labs Mini using the same 2 Centers concept before, however, the manufacture probably uses diff cross-over network design CONCEPT when sold them as Fronts?
Click here to see a pair of Mini at good starting price on eBay, $209.

I guess I'm confused. Why do you need another other than the 826v speakers that you already have? I've only heard them once for a few minutes, but they should be somewhere between the 816v and 836v speakers that I've heard quite a bit. Difficult to be in my opinion.
I guess I'm confused.
Mceljo, I sold the floorstanding 826v two years ago to fund for the Sonus Faber Grand Piano series as my main system, I'm now thinking of filling in other room with a small system. My unused center speaker just sitting there waiting for me to do something about it.
Sell the extra speaker, two separate speakers as a center is a bad idea.
I could be wrong, but I think the OP is asking if a speaker originally designed as a CENTER can be purchased as a PAIR and used for a STEREO Pair.

I don't (and I could be wrong) think he is asking about using two Centers in a CENTER CHANNEL function.
I think the OP is considering purchasing a 2nd center to match his existing one and using them as a stereo pair. If it's a second system I'd certainly take the chance of it sounding pretty dang great.

When I was speaker shopping with my father-in-law a few months ago one of the high end stores we visited had a salesman and inquired about his room and intended use. He actually suggested using two LCR speakers in some situations. Speakers are speakers at a some point. They either sound good or they don't.
The Focal CC 800v isn't ported like the bookshelf speakers in the Chorus series are, but having two 6-1/2 inch drivers should provide plenty of bass.
I sent Focal a message questioning in this regard but no reply from them...
I visited my local Focal dealer last Friday and asked the owner about doing this. It was obvious that he didn't like the idea, but said that he has done it for customers where it was the only option for the requested installation.

You can probably get most of your money back if you get another one for $400 so give it a try.