Using 2 amps as monoblocks

I have been using an acurus A100x3 amp for the past 4 years and overall have been very happy with the performance. Unlike many other posts, I have not found the amp too bright. However, I am interested in improving bass extension and depth of soundstage. Would using two acurus A100x3 amps as monoblocks be helpful? I use my system for 2 channel music 80% of the time.

My system for stereo: Marantz SA-8260 CD/SACD
Denon 4802 AVR (used as preamp for stereo)
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport
Monitor Audio Gold 20s main speakers
Acurus A100x3
Harmonic Technology speaker cables

Thanks, Rob
I did that once with a pair of Eminent Technology LFT 8As. I used a pair of Kenergitics KBA 75 amps which were rated at 75 class a per side but benched out at 130 per side. So the power per side now was 260 watts. The ETs were power hungry speakers so the extra power worked well. Since you are condsidering doing this if the speakers are set up for bi-wire with 4 inputs you could do a Vertical Bi Amp. You would have to run one side of the stereo signal from the preamp in to both sides of one amp. The amps have to match each other exactly or you will mess up the sound. You can do this by have a good "Y" interconnect made up that has one end at the pre amp side and 2 at the amp side. I got a pair made up for 400 bucks from AudioParts in FL, Stu Wein will do it and use good wire. Anyway this way you use the full capacity of the amps and they are matched so you will not have any matching problems between highs and lows on each channel. I think what you will find is higher power, greater separation which may help other things in your system. The only way to find out is to try it out. Good luck.
yes it would ..but a stereo amp in mono has what they call cross talk between channels.acurus does make some monos,that are pretty good.get some with power ,you want look back..and work on the preamp.i have audio research ls3b b for balancedoutputs..and its great in bass ..
Thanks guys. I appreciate you taking the time to advise me. Aedv8sc, thanks for educating me on vertical bi-amping. Will experiment. Bbaxley2, I have auditioned several preamps in my system and have not observed improvement in sonics yet...but will continue exploring! Do believe there is a definite psychological drive in Hi-Fi audio pursuits.....need to trust your ears and your ears ONLY!
not fun trusting ears,.i trust my wallet if i think its better i buy,. i to used adcom pre pro for just 2 channel,and went with ar 3b and, would never use pre pro again for 2 channel .i beleive components should do one thing and one thing right ,not two or three.. ive never seen a krell preamp have a tuner..if you know what i mean...just my thoughts..vertical byamping is nice if you get it right..again get a preamp with 2 pair of amp outputs and stay far away from y adapters onless you have to
Not fun trusting ears??!! I don't get it....what else matters? Your wallet is not an indicator of sonic quality. What you hear is all that matters.
yea but even when it sounds great,still fun trying other pieces ,that are better than what you got.thats why audiogon is growing cause we cant sit still ,we have to keeptrying bigger and better.,am i correct,i have a cd boom box in back room ,my ears tell me it sounds great,the zip cord speaker wire lets me know its system is on here.and its under ever evoving,see what i mean,and every body on here is the many adds say...just had it for 1 month ,going to get next model up...alot,not trying to fight ,just telling truth